Our Portfolio

Oversight is revolutionizing situational awareness by fusing visual machine data into a hologram-like C&C center. Combat-proven, best-in-class status was achieved in Iron Swords campaign.

Titan Innovations provides you a comprehensive solution - software and control expertise in the field of robotics, autonomy, navigation and communication.

Skysapience is best-in-class for tethered hovering aerial solutions, serving as a dynamic real-time intelligence and communication solution.

OSTI provides software-based solutions for autonomous systems integration, catering to OEM's and Defense contractors via seasoned engineers and proprietary OSTI products.

LahakX is an agri-robotics technology company enabling a modular fleet of autonomous drones for spraying.

Creomagic is combat proven and best-in-class as a private mesh communication solution, ideal for urban and tunnel warfare. We provide innovative, intelligent, and power-efficient wireless connectivity revolutionizing the connected future. 

Airscort provides final step solutions toward complete drone autonomy. Lightweight and durable, Airscort’s military-grade docking and charging stations are field tested and sales ready.

Easy Aerial provides military-grade autonomous drone-in-a-box solutions customized to meet your unique security, mapping, and inspection needs. Proven financial success achieved in both US military and civilian markets

TINO specializes in website and app development, with expertise in creating customized E-commerce platforms tailored to customer needs.

Earth and Beyond is comprised of a multi-national corporate consortium, investing in deep tech Israeli startups catering to the New Space vertical. E&B Ventures is a $100m fund, with substantial financing by the Israeli Innovations Authority (IIA).